About Us Renacer Latino, Inc. was officially incorporated on July 16, 1999. Since then our staff has been providing bilingual and bicultural psychotherapeutic services, partner abuse intervention, anger management and parent support services.

In February 2002 our Agency became fully licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services – Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Also the Department of Human Services fully licensed Renacer Latino, Inc. as a provider of the Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) As a result of this, Renacer Latino, Inc. has been providing services in Spanish and English in the Lake County and Cook Conty, IL areas for over seven years.

Targeted population includes minorities families, children, adolescents and adults. DASA audited Renacer Latino, Inc. on 6-29-2006 and 6-30-2006 and we did excellent, the score was over 93%. Renacer Latino, Inc. has strong, ongoing referral links to other services. We work closely with services within Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center. We have a great reputation with the Court System, Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments , DCFS Contractors and Caseworkers, as well with other providers.


Renacer Latino, Inc. is committed to providing an assortment of quality cultural sensitive services to assist a diverse population of individuals, families, and communities. Our goal is to provide professional, qualified, and culturally appropriate behavioral health services by empowering clients to improve the quality of their lives through education, treatment and advocacy. A long term goal of our organization is to provide to the under-served populations.

              We are passionate for helping people; our mission is oriented to help the general population with special emphasis on the Latino/Hispanic community. With the Latino Populations growing rate, at Renacer Latino, Inc. we are equipped and highly qualified to make a difference within this population.


Luz Gvero CEO

The majority of  Renacer Latino, Inc. clinical and support staff are bilingual and bicultural. In addition to this, our highly qualified clinical staffs have a deep understanding of the diverse communities.  Currently, the clinical personnel hold degrees with many years of experience in mental health services, substance abuse counseling, partner abuse intervention and education. Our clinical staff members have over 10 years of experience with the justice system at the counties of Cook and Lake, state and federal levels.  We know of the time spent in addressing behavioral problems and would like to assist our community.